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UPDATE-March 13: This will be our last regular update on Chance and we will be closing his GoFundMe page. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. The medical bills are rolling in and because of your generosity we are able to pay them.

Chance went in for another check up and we found out some bad news after getting results from his latest blood work. Chance tested positive for Feline Leukemia. It’s uncertain whether he will develop the disease or just be a carrier. If he does develop the disease his life will be much shorter. Poor little guy.

Chance’s foster mom, Christine, has fallen in love with him and so has his doggie brother Ben. Christina has made the decision that Chance will stay right where he is with her to live out the rest of his life-YAY!

UPDATE-March 1Chance went to the doctor for another follow up visit and we received some good news and some not so good news.First, the good news…Chance will get to keep both of his eyes and no surgery is needed. The ulcer has healed nicely-YAY!!

The not so good news is that Chance was diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This means the part of the brain that controls motor skills is under developed due to Chance being malnourished and having a virus when he was a young kitten. Cerebellar Hypoplasia causes Chance to be wobbly and unsteady on his feet and requires limiting access to high places. This condition is non-progressive, which means it will neither get worse nor get better, however many cats go on to live happy, product lives. In fact Diane, the founder of FHCR, has a cat she bottle-fed seven years ago with the same condition. As she got bigger and older, she learned how to compensate. Today she still runs, plays and is a very happy cat.

Little chance has had a rough start in life but with lots of love and tlc from foster mom Christine and good medical care he is progressing and is a happy little boy. Chance will return to the vet in a couple weeks for another follow up visit. Thank you again to everyone who has donated on Chances GoFundMe page. We are really close to reaching our goals. Click on this link if you would like to donate towards Chance’s medical expenses Please continue to share Chance’s story and thank you for all your support and well wishes

From the sweet pictures below it looks like foster brother Ben is doing his part too. Playing with Chance and giving him some doggie love

UPDATE-Feb. 5:  Chance is still in recovery mode and continues to be hospitalized. His blood pressure was low so he was given a blood transfusion. They have him on warm IV fluids and heat pads. He is eating well and sleeps a lot. His eyes are still a mess but are a little better. Chance still has a ways to go.DONATIONS NEEDED!!

Please help us save Chance. On Feb. 3 Chance was found behind a supermarket by a good samaritan and taken to a vet’s office. An FHCR volunteer happened to be there when he was brought in. This sweet little 3-month old kitten has had a horrible start in life! He came in just skin & bones and has severe eye infections. His left eye is very ulcerated and we are trying to save his eye. His body temperature is low as well as his blood pressure. He is going to require a blood transfusion and will be hospitalized for several days. Hospitalization and treatment is going to be expensive (approx. $2,000)

If you can help us pay for Chances medical expenses, you can make a donation via PayPal or mail a check. Just click on the Donate tab on our website. In addition, we have set up a GoFundMe page for Chance to help collect donations. Click on this link to go to Chances GoFundMe page

We thank you very much for all the donations we have received so far. Unfortunately, we are still short of our goal. Any size donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated!

Version 2

4 Responses to “Help Us Save Chance”
  1. Jan says:

    God Bless people like you folks. I have several cats that have been brought to me and left – mainly because they are black (superstitious). I have been unable to find homes that will keep them inside as that is how they have been raised. They very loving, playful and spoiled. Rescue people have helped me fix all of them. PLUS they are use to my reecue dog (small). He takes care of them and watches over them – although now they are bigger than him….. I sure hope the best for Chance – he is a very lucky and loved cat.

    • nancylievois says:

      Thank you Jan for you kind words. As the saying goes, “it takes a village”. Everyone who rescues and helps animals help to make a difference. Chance will now be staying with his foster mom and dog friend, Ben, forever.

  2. Michelle R says:

    God Bless you, Nancy, for fostering him and loving him back to health and more importantly, for deciding to keep him regardless of his Feline Leukemia diagnosis. I had a cat with that and I loved him dearly. He and you will be in my prayers for the future. Thank you so much for your feline love!

    • nancylievois says:

      Thank you Michelle. I need to clear one thing up though, it was Christine, Chance’s foster mom who has been caring for him and she is adopting Chance. He’s a lucky little guy.